The Women's Boat to Gaza international coalition meeting in Messina, Sicily. Pho
Brent Patterson | The Freedom Flotilla Coalition has announced a Women's Boat to Gaza will set sail in mid-September.
Victoria Fenner | A conversation upon Bob Lovelace's return to Canada with rabble news intern Megan Devlin.
rabbleTV | Indigenous activist Heather Milton-Lightening recently spoke at the event announcing Bob Lovelace's joining the latest Flotilla to Gaza.
Book Review
Ramona Wadi | Freedom Sailors is an account of how a small group of ordinary people conceived and executed what seemed like a grandiose plan to break Israel’s illegal military blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Canadian Boat to Gaza | We received a message from the Finnish foreign department (the Estelle is sailing under a Finnish flag), that their Israeli counterpart informed them that the Estelle will be boarded.
Jim Manly | Jim Manly made this statement at Vancouver International Airport yesterday. "It is time for Canadian politicians and the Canadian people to speak up against this illegal and inhuman blockade."
Canadian Boat to Gaza | Former Canadian MP (Member of Parliament from 1980 to 1988) Jim Manly will join a group of internationals on the Freedom Flotilla's "Estelle" sailing from Naples to Gaza in early October.