Image: Wikimedia Commons
Rick Salutin | The arc of history is long, as Dr. King said, even if it bends toward freedom. But the circle of history, which returns to where it began, can look pretty extensive too.
At right, Calgary-Fish Creek PC MLA Richard Gotfried (from his Facebook page).
David J. Climenhaga | There is part of a long tradition in Alberta politics of dubious Russian political metaphors. PC MLA Richard Gotfried is the latest politician to yield to this temptation.
Image: OlestC/flickr
Yves Engler | One hundred years ago today a popular revolt ousted the Russian monarchy. Six thousand Canadian troops invaded in response.
"The Redford Files"
David J. Climenhaga | A new Wildrose Party website is the best evidence yet the whole ramshackle far-right project is crumbling in the face of Premier Alison Redford's Tory juggernaut.