border control

Apr 11, 2014

Rights groups call for independent CBSA watchdog

The Canada Border Services Agency has sweeping police powers, yet unlike most other police forces in Canada, there is no independent oversight body to review its actions.
Aug 24, 2010
Stefan Christoff, who was detained at the Canada-U.S. border and questioned about his politics after the G20 Summit. Photo: Valerian Mazataud/

My interrogation at the U.S. border

Stefan Christoff
Political profiling along the U.S.-Canadian border targets activists who challenge unjust government policies. This threatens to undermine the open exchange of ideas that is foundational to democracy.
Jun 1, 2010

A First Nations take on the U.S. immigration debate

The reservation that Alex Soto lives on straddles the border between the United States and Mexico. He shares his views on the current debate in Arizona about border and immigration controls.
Dec 2, 2009

Canada's Olympic crackdown

Going to Canada? You may be detained at the border and interrogated. I was, last week. What followed was a flagrant violation of freedom of the press and freedom of speech.
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