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J. Baglow | By conceding Canadian sovereignty to American border officials, the Trudeau government has crossed a bridge.
Photo: flickr/British Columbia Emergency Photography
Sophia Reuss | The Cancel Border Security campaign has been working for three years to cancel the show, which exploits vulnerable migrants and citizens and violates their privacy and dignity.
Photo by Ion Etxebarria, Concordia University Television (CUTV)
Sophia Reuss | On June 4, Solidarity Across Borders organized an action at Montreal's International Airport to demand permanent legal status for all migrants, an end to deportations of migrants, and open borders.
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| The Public Service Alliance of Canada had created an information series on the the Conservative governments cuts to public services.
Migrant Matters Radio | More and more people are denied access to citizenship and refugee statuses by Canada. Many wanting to stay face deportation. From his experience as an ally, Matthew Behrens talks about deportation.
rabble staff | In less than a month, over 1400 people have signed forms refusing permission to be filmed at border crossings by the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) or its private film crew partners.
Logo of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, U.S. office.
Jérémie Bédard-Wien | A routine trip to attend a political conference in the United States takes a bizarre turn for a Quebec student activist.
Blog | Groups are rallying Canadians after revelations that the government has been spying on individuals’ private lives for years
rabble staff | The opposition to the reality TV show 'Border Security' continues to grow, in the wake of raids against construction sites in Vancouver earlier this year recorded by television crews.
Matthew Behrens | Testifying before a Senate committee on a repressive piece of deportation legislation, refugee rights lawyer Barb Jackman aptly summed up the mean political culture that increasingly grips the land.
Brent Patterson | In mid-March, Canada Border Services Agency officers raided construction sites in east Vancouver and detained an estimated 29 workers. That raid was filmed for the reality TV series Border Security.
Clay Nikiforuk | A personal account of dealing with puritanical, power-tripping and slut-shaming border authorities.