Sep 3, 2013
Femme and trans* burlesque

Burlesque just a fancy word for stripping?

Laura Brightwell
Is burlesque a new-wave feminist performance or a throwback to a misogynist tradition? Laura Brightwell tries to pin down the pin-ups and find out if burlesque really is just stripping.
Feb 5, 2011

Burlesque: Part 1 in a 2 Part Series

The F Word
Hosts Meghan Murphy and Ariana Barer explore the contested but popular idea that burlesque is empowering for women. Featuring special guests and experts Crystal Precious and Mary Shearman.
Feb 7, 2011

Burlesque: Part 2 in a 2 Part Series

The F Word
Hosts Meghan Murphy, Ariana Barer, and special guest Nicole Deagan explore, respond to and challenge arguments that burlesque is feminist or empowers women.


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