Canada and Israel

Nov 21, 2017
Photo: Edward Bilodeau​/Flickr

McGill's real racism problem

Yves Engler
While accusations of student anti-Semitism at McGill draw international headlines, the university administration's open association with the Jewish National Fund has been ignored.
May 27, 2017
Image: Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO​

Prime Minister Trudeau misleads on Zionism

Yves Engler
No matter what Trudeau says, Zionism and anti-Jewish prejudice have little to do with each other. Historically, many anti-Jewish Canadian politicians backed Zionism
Feb 24, 2016

Parliamentary debate on BDS missed the point

Scott Vrooman
The real danger of BDS is that it threatens to change the story of Israel from a poor little nuclear power that just wants peace to a story that actually reflects reality


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