Canada Boat to Gaza

May 30, 2018
A kindergartener in Maghazi Refugee Camp, Gaza, drinks clean water from a Maia Project unit installed in Dec. 2009. Photo: Mohammed Majdalawi/Middle East Children's Alliance

Gaza's toxic 'biosphere of war' is unescapable

Mark Zeitoun
Ghassan Abu Sitta
While an attitude persists that "today, no one in Israel experiences water scarcity," Gazans are suffering deplorable conditions of poisoned water.

Vancouver welcome back for the delegates from the Canadian Boat to Gaza

Aug 5, 2011 to Aug 6, 2011
Unitarian Church - Hewett Centre
North-east corner of 49th & Oak
Vancouver , BC
49° 13' 35.6016" N, 123° 7' 41.9448" W
British Columbia CA
Let us welcome back the B.C. delegates from the Freedom Flotilla – Stay Human, as they tell the story of the Canadian Boat — the "Tahrir."
Jul 7, 2011

Take action to help the Tahrir sail

Ehab Lotayef
Following the Tahrir's recent attempt to sail to Gaza, and the Greek Coast Guard's forceful blocking of it, two Canadians and one Australian were detained.


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