Canada Health Act

Mar 30, 2016
Photo: Dave Kalmbach/Wikimedia Commons

Liberal health-care funding increase falls below 3%

Brent Patterson
What's happening with the Liberal promise for a new health accord? The federal budget only mentions the negotiation of a new accord without commiting needed increases in health funding.
Oct 5, 2015
Image: Pixabay

We need national, universal pharmacare. Now.

Doreen Nicoll
When she stated, "when everything is free, our default is to take the easy way -- and demand things we don’t really need," I knew she was living in a world vastly different from Canadians.
Sep 16, 2015
Photo: Bob ~ Barely Time/flickr

The Conservatives' stealth strategy to undermine medicare

Robert Chernomas
Ian Hudson
The Harper government strategy is to ignore violations of the Canada Health Act while underfunding medicare. Where then will the Canadian public be able to receive needed medical care?


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