Feb 9, 2010

Canada's weapons industry thriving

Canada has a reputation as a peaceful nation, yet the arms industry is alive and well here and providing weapons that fuel wars around the world.
Dec 28, 2009

Canada's lost decade

James Laxer
Canadians headed confidently into the new millennium, but they are limping out of its first decade uncertain about the future and what their country stands for.
Dec 23, 2009

Canada's climate policy spoofed

Canadian activists, the Yes Men and Action Aid were behind a series of fake press releases sent out during the UN climate change summit in Copenhagen. We speak with Frans Mikael Jansen of Action Aid.
Dec 17, 2009

Canada's image problem

The respect around the world that Canada has drawn on for decades has been poisoned by the Harper government. Here are some of the image-busters in Canada's foreign policy bag of nasty tricks.
Dec 14, 2009

Get ready for Canada-bashing (again)

It looks like the end is in sight for this phase of America's health-care debate. But Canada is about to dragged through the U.S. political mud again. This time, the topic is labour law.
Dec 13, 2009

Demonstration at the Canadian embassy in Copenhagen

Brent Patterson
The Council of Canadians will be joining the Indigenous Environmental Network, the Rainforest Action Network, the Indigenous Peoples Power Project, and the UK Tar Sands Group for a demonstration.


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