Sep 18, 2009

Out of Afghanistan: When will we learn?

Is this the lesson never learned? That when you invade, no matter what you say your reasons are, you are seen as an invader and occupier? Despite the good deeds you do or claim to do.
Sep 11, 2009

In Afghanistan: The war grinds on

James Laxer
While efforts have been made by the Harper government to convince us that the war in Afghanistan is our first line of defence against terrorism directed at us, Canadians just don't believe this.

Supporting Indigenous Struggles in Canada: Starting the Journey

Sep 16, 2009 to Sep 17, 2009
Centre for Social Innovation, 4th floor
215 Spadina Ave. between Queen and Dundas.
Toronto , ON
43° 40' 12.8388" N, 79° 23' 12.318" W
Ontario CA
This workshop is for people who want to learn more about the history of Indigenous-Canada relations, and who are interested in supporting Indigenous struggles.
Aug 28, 2009

Down with so-called core values

I don't see why culture is about values at all, much less core values. There is often something covertly anti-democratic in asserting core values, and sometimes something implicitly racial too.
Aug 5, 2009

The English Stories

Vancouver author Cynthia Flood discusses her latest collection of linked short stories set in postwar Britain.


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