canada's prostitution laws

Dec 4, 2014

Hi the media. Do your job. Love, feminism.

Meghan Murphy
More badly reported stories on prostitution and Canada's new prostitution legislation, set to come into effect on December 6, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women.
Oct 21, 2014

Northern Ireland bans buying sex

Meghan Murphy
Late last night, members of the Stormont assembly voted in favour of a bill that would outlaw the purchase of sex in Northern Ireland.
Oct 17, 2014
Photo: flickr/A Yee

Bill C-36: No safety or security for sex workers

Cheryl Auger
Bill C-36 was passed in the House of Commons last week. And a lot of people, including sex workers, are not pleased. Will this bill continue to contribute to sex workers' rights violations?
Jul 10, 2014

#Notalljohns: Notes from the hearings on Bill C-36

Meghan Murphy
Chris Atchison argues that exploitative or violent johns are a minority and that, in fact, they are victims of violence at the hands of sex workers and pimps as well.
Jun 19, 2014


J. Baglow
Sex trade workers are, first and foremost, workers. To stand in solidarity with them is to stand in solidarity with each other.
Jun 11, 2014

C-36: Conflating sex work with human trafficking

Mercedes Allen
Anti-prostitution Bill C-36 explicitly puts sex work on the same footing as human trafficking and conflates the two in law. There are serious issues with doing so.


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