Activist Toolkit
Photo Credit: Flickr/Mathias Eick, EU/ECHO, Rakhine State, Myanmar/Burma, September 2013
| Here are some Canadian organizations which are helping on the ground
Image: Flickr/Albert Ter Harmsel
Gerry Caplan | Asbestos threatens ghastly illness and a painful death to all those who come in contact with it, whether as workers or consumers. The Liberals are stalling on banning it. Why?
Kathleen Copps | The Free Omar Khadr Committee has launched a letter-writing campaign that calls on the Canadian government to finally fully address our obligation to Omar Khadr.
Photo: Vincent Wong
Avvy Yao-Yao Go | Has the new Trudeau government ushered in a new era of Canadian respect for the international human rights system? Yes and no.
Photo: flickr/ Marco Assini
Michael Geist | Why did Canada fail to make digital inroads in TPP countries when most other countries did?
Photo: flickr/World Bank Photo Collection
Leilani Farha | By committing to assist refugees the government will be given an opportunity to solve poverty within our borders as well.
Book Review
Daniel Tseghay | Yves Engler's new book "Canada in Africa" exposes the Canadian government's complicity, and exploitation of, Canadian mines in Africa.
Photo: Christina Gray
Christina Gray | The week prior to the closing of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, I thought to myself: "This is the last one, there's not going to be another one of these again."
Baird signs Memorandum of Understanding with Israel opposing BDS movement.
Sid Shniad | In the face of mounting intimidation by the Harper government, IJV wrote a widely endorsed statement identifying the tangible threat to criminalize criticism of Israel in Canada.
Tyler Levitan | The first of a series of blog posts called "Debunking Hasbara" which will focus on uprooting the falsehoods repeated ad nauseam by Israel and its apologists.
Redeye Collective | The movement for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel is under fire from Canadian government ministers, who have labelled the campaign anti-semitic.
Photo: flickr/Corey Burger
John Saigle | The Harper government is fighting the threat of terrorism by mass Internet surveillance on all citizens. What's wrong with this picture?