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Book Review
Mar 20, 2014

'Clearing the Plains' confronts Canada's colonialism

Matthew Brett
Author James Daschuk discusses Canada's history of disease, deliberate starvation, ethnic cleansing, tar sands expansion, neglect of treaties and a legacy of colonialism of First Nations.
Feb 21, 2014
Photo: wikimedia commons

Why we need to rethink Black History Month

Cheryl Thompson
Before an entire generation of Canadians grow tired or apathetic towards a month that so many people fought for, it's time to rethink Black History Month.
Jan 10, 2014
Image: flickr/Wyman Laliberte

Oral histories, labour and feminism in Manitoba

rabble staff
Scott Price talks about the history of the labour movement and feminist struggle within the labour movement in Manitoba, and about the importance of oral history for social movements.


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