Activist Toolkit
| Started by the Vancouver Women's Caucus, the Abortion Caravan was the first national feminist protest.
Kaitlin McNabb | The Vancouver 125 Legacy Books Project releases its collection of reissues of 10 classic Vancouver books that have informed or reported the city's history, culture and communities.
Marc Raboy | Given it is under attack, the hoopla surrounding the 75th birthday of the CBC provides a good occasion to recall how and why Canada got a national public broadcaster.
Dave Bennett | The need for every Canadian to scrutinize his or her values, beliefs and opinions still seems to be an important part of CBC Radio's mission. I, for one, appreciate that.
Kevin McGowan | Another great LP of Canadian history! This album, brought to you by the Ontario Department of Education (circa 1967), will take you on a roller coaster ride of anecdotes.
Kevin McGowan | In honour of Canada's upcoming birthday, I'm offering up the first of two "found LPs" that were developed by Canadian educational institutions as teaching aids.
Rick Salutin | Canadians with anxieties about immigrants and refugees -- categories that were often historically identical -- should think about Samuel de Champlain, who founded our country in the early 1600s.
Book Review
Tara Quinn | The image of Norman Bethune sketched by Adrienne Clarkson in this contribution to the Extraordinary Canadians series invokes duality: the guerrilla doctor and the humanist.
Kevin McGowan, Natalie Salat | Jason Wilson mixes his love of Canadian history and reggae music. Natalie Salat chats with Jason about his style and his famous collaborators.