Police at a demonstration. Image credit: Pxhere/Creative Commons license
Maya Bhullar | As we work against police violence and racism, how do we influence the actions of the police unions? How do we stop them from obstructing efforts to change police practice and create oversight?
Photo of this week's speech from the throne. Image: Justin Trudeau/Facebook
Chelsea Nash | The labour movement clearly has the ear of the Trudeau government, some observers say.
Image: PXHere
Marc Belanger, C. Marie Ainsborough, Derek Blackadder | RadioLabour's Canada Report: An interview with CLC president Hassan Yussuff. Child care during the pandemic. And more.
Linda Silas. Image: David Climenhaga
David J. Climenhaga | The New Brunswick nurse and president of Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions is best known outside labour as a high-profile supporter for a national pharmacare program.
Image: hosny_salah/Pixabay
Marc Belanger, Derek Blackadder, C. Marie Ainsborough | RadioLabour's Canada Report: Unifor is helping Palestinian truck drivers at the separation wall between Palestine and Israel. And more.
Toronto Labour Day Parade 2018. Image: Torontonian/Alamy Stock Photo. Used by permission (purchased photo).
Marc Belanger, Derek Blackadder, C. Marie Ainsborough | RadioLabour's Canada Report September 6 to 13, 2019. Labour's five point agenda to make every day Labour's Day.
Why women need to join unions now - Marie Clarke Walker
Marc Belanger, C. Marie Ainsborough, Derek Blackadder | CLC Secretary Treasurer Marie Clarke Walker says "Join a union!" -- an epic attempt at global equal pay for work of equal value; and the LabourStart report about union events.
Introducing - RadioLabour Canada on
rabble staff | welcomes long running international labour show RadioLabour to rabble podcasts. Enjoy the inaugural show!
Reg Basken (Photo: David J. Climenhaga)
David J. Climenhaga | Conservatives starting to hyperventilate about the possibility of David Suzuki being nominated can settle down. You actually have to live here, at least some of the time, to be considered.
Hands in Solidarity, Hands of Freedom mural on the side of the United Electrical Workers trade union building on West Monroe Street at Ashland Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Photo: Terence Faircloth/Flickr
John Cartwright | The president of the Toronto & York Region Labour Council wants union leaders to work for a solution to avoid damage to the movement.
Unifor President Jerry Dias (Photo: Unifor Local 591-G)
David J. Climenhaga | In the background of Unifor's decision to pull out of the CLC is a long and bitter dispute about the practice of "raiding," and of the role of U.S.-based international unions.
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| Unions around the world unite to support decent work. What does this mean for Canada