Unions are good for individuals, communities and society at large.
Dennis Gruending | It's Labour Day this week and the message is that unions are good for individuals, for communities and for society at large.
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Victoria Fenner | Civil rights activist, educator, and author Angela Davis spoke at the 2017 Canadian Labour Congress Convention. Listen to her keynote address here.
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Meagan Gillmore | The Canadian Labour Congress must continue to adapt if it wants to thrive, recently acclaimed president Hassan Yussuff says. Increasing the number of people in the movement is his "ultimate priority."
Humberto DaSilva | On May 11, 2017 activists and delegates of the Canadian Labour Congress gathered at the most hallowed ground of Canada's financial elites, for a street party, and to deliver a message.
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Meagan Gillmore | To celebrate May Day, rabble is focusing on the accomplishments of women in the workplace. We spoke with outgoing CLC secretary-treasurer Barbara Byers about her work as a labour activist.
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Rick Salutin | Like all great labour leaders, Bob White felt it wasn't just about getting more stuff for his members; it was about addressing the social roots of inequality and ugliness.
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Teuila Fuatai | Canada's Supreme Court ruling in favour of fired nuclear energy worker Joseph Wilson has been rightly revered. But, it's being celebrated for essentially ensuring the law was followed.
Lisa Raitt
David J. Climenhaga | Seniors living in poverty may suit Conservatives, the Fraser Institute and the media. It shouldn't suit Canadians.
Dan MacLennan
David J. Climenhaga | I don't know if Dan MacLennan has the power to jolt Alberta's Liberals back to life. But if I were an organizer for any other party, I'd sure worry about that.
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Karl Nerenberg | Hassan Yussuff did not directly attack NDP leader Mulcair in his speech in Edmonton, but it was impossible to miss the sharp critique between the lines.
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Teuila Fuatai | The Liberals' new budget promises a much-needed funding boost to a range of Canadian initiatives and sectors. However, it does come up short in a few areas.
Doreen Nicoll | Domestic violence costs employers $78 million annually. This cost rises to $74 billion annually when all costs incurred by society are included.