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Nov 18, 2011

Unions are key to fighting inequity for all workers

Ken Georgetti
Being in a union means earning a decent wage so that people can buy a home, a car, raise a family, take a vacation, put their kids through college, and retire in dignity.
Apr 28, 2011

Is today the day you die at work?

Ken Georgetti
The National Day of Mourning was established in Canada at the urging of the Canadian Labour Congress in 1984, and is now recognized in over 80 countries around the world.

The people vs. U.S. Steel

Jan 29, 2011 to Jan 30, 2011
Hamilton City Hall
71 Main Street West
43° 15' 23.3172" N, 79° 52' 27.5988" W
Join us for a demonstration in Hamilton in support of locked out steelworkers.
Dec 7, 2010

Why NUPGE is at odds with the Canadian Labour Congress

James Clancy
The National Union of Public and General Employees suffered from union member raiding by CLC affiliates. There was no support when we tried to stop it and our relationship with the CLC deteriorated.
Dec 4, 2010
NUPGE logo

NUPGE-CLC rift shows House of Labour is a house divided

David J. Climenhaga
In a dispute over raiding, NUPGE will suspend participation in the activities of the CLC, which has responded by banning NUPGE affiliates from provincial labour federations and local labour councils.
Nov 30, 2010

Battle looms over public pension expansion

The notion that we can't afford strong public programs -- that we're better off buying services on our own -- is one of the central falsehoods blocking meaningful progress toward improving well-being.


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