Woman covering face with frosted glass. Image credit: Jamie Street/Unsplash
Chelsea Nash | The sex worker rights organization Work Safe Twerk Safe says the Ontario government's order to close strip clubs while bars remained open was discriminatory.
Flag of the United Nations. Image credit: Wilfried Huss/Wikimedia Commons
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | Bill C-15 would affirm the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is applicable to Canadian law. Unifor's Indigenous Liason Gina Smoke discusses labour's fight to have the bill passed.
Northwest corner of the Connaught Building, headquarters of the Canada Revenue Agency. Image: Jcart1534/Wikimedia Commons
Edward Hyland, Pro Bono | Registered charities in Canada find themselves increasingly drawn to find ways of operating through partnerships and networks, but there are legal impediments they face in doing their work.
Entrance to the Superior Court of Justice in Hamilton, Ontario. Image: Tom Flemming/Flickr
Claudia Pedrero, Pro Bono | In 2020, Ontario will increase the value of claims that can be brought before the province's small claims court. The intent is to make it "faster, easier, and more affordable to settle claims."
Houses belonging to the Mole Hill Community Housing Society in Vancouver, B.C. Photo: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons
Celia Chandler, Pro Bono | Should we impose limits on the use of space in publicly funded housing so that resources are used for the betterment of the most people possible?
Osgoode Hall in downtown Toronto which houses the headquarters of the Law Society of Ontario. Photo: Oliver Mallich/Flickr
Shelina Ali, Pro Bono | A dispute over the promotion of diversity is dividing the Law Society of Ontario, at a time when freedom of speech is seen as something that trumps equality rights.
Vice-Admiral Mark Norman hands over a plaque to the commander of the U.S. Chief of Naval Operations (Photo: Julianne F. Metzger/U.S. Navy/Wikimedia Commons).
David J. Climenhaga | None of us knows whether Vice-Admiral Mark Norman is guilty of the crime with which he was charged. Pardoned by the president, Lord Black may now exit the Dominion.
Image: OpenMedia
Rodrigo Samayoa, Digital Freedom Update | Remember the days when you could extend the life of computers, phones, vacuum cleaners and washing machines? Maybe it's time to reestablish our right to repair.
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| May 2 Ecojustice and Sustainability Action webinar
Photo: michel banabila/Flickr
Brynn Leger, Pro Bono | The Supreme Court's ruling in R v Jarvis updates the analysis of a "reasonable expectation of privacy," but does it go far enough in addressing gendered violence?
Celia Chandler with her partner Jack Sikorski in 2016. Photo: Kate O'Connor/Sweetheart Empire
Celia Chandler, Pro Bono | In this third part of a three-part series on medically assisted death in Canada, Celia Chandler describes her husband's final days before his assisted death, and shares her reflections on the process.
Supreme Court of Canada. Photo: Michael Muraz/Flickr
David J. Climenhaga | Stand by for a veritable tempest of wailing about "activist judges" from banking, oil industry and conservative quarters in response to this morning's ruling by the Supreme Court.