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Apr 2, 2012
Needs No Introduction

Needs No Introduction: Aboriginal law conference

Needs No Introduction
The aboriginal law conference brought together three experts on aboriginal culture and law to discuss how to go about respecting aboriginal culture in the courtroom.
Jan 11, 2012

B.C. trial lawyers start job action

Last week, more than half of the province's 70 courtrooms had no duty counsel, the lawyers who usually represent people for first-time appearances.
Dec 15, 2011

Harper laws for Harper government?

Frances Russell
The Canadian Wheat Board fiasco: Is Canada governed by the rule of law or by the laws acceptable to the party in power? It is the difference between democracy and authoritarianism.
Dec 7, 2011

Niqab on trial: What is really at stake?

The F Word
Women's Legal Education and Action Fund's Director of Litigation Joanna Birenbaum explains why the case of N.S. v. R. is central to the conversation of access to justice for sexual assault survivors.


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