Casseroles Protest

Jun 8, 2012

What we owe the striking Quebec students

Speaking of debts, as most governments do in order to explain why they can't create anything and need to cut back on whatever is already there, here's what I think we owe to striking Quebec students.
Jun 7, 2012
Manifestation du 22 mai, Montréal. Photo: Luc Lavigne/Flickr

The student strike in Quebec

Philippe Hurteau
Quebec is in the midst of a social crisis of rare intensity, both in terms of the duration of the confrontation between the student movement and the Quebec government, and support for the students.
Jun 4, 2012

Lessons from Quebec for the rest of Canada

Dear Quebec re-sisters and brothers: What an awesomely inventive laboratory of political resistance you have built. Thanks for taking the struggle against inequality and austerity to a new level.
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