Sep 23, 2009

Why is Canada breaking ranks on bankers' bonuses?

Ellen Russell
Canada likes to think of itself as the country that emerged from the financial crisis squeaky clean. Too bad it is abdicating a leadership role in creating a safer financial system going forward.

You, Me and the SPP - Tour launch on Parliament Hill

Oct 1, 2009 to Oct 2, 2009
Parliament Hill Ottawa , ON
45° 25' 24.5784" N, 75° 41' 52.5588" W
Ontario CA
Join Filmmaker Paul Manly and NDP Trade Critic, Peter Julian at a special public screening of the new feature documentary You, Me and the SPP: Trading Democracy for Corporate Rule.
Aug 13, 2009

'You ask' tonight on rabbletv

'You Ask' invites news makers and leaders of social movements to answer questions that you ask. Tune in to rabbletv tonight at 8p.m. EST, when you can help interview Bruce Campbell of the CCPA.
Mar 17, 2009

Canada's next government

In order to pass laws, any minority government needs a parliamentary majority. Thus, no prime minister can continue to hold power without creating a formal, or (less often) informal coalition.
Mar 17, 2009

Double standard

Trish Hennessy
CEOs, financial wizards and their ilk apparently need annual million dollar bonuses as their work incentive.


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