Jim Stanford on the Care Economy
Jim Stanford | “The purpose of government is not to balance its books. No one believes that anymore. The purpose of government its to protect citizens, our lives, our health and our communities.’
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Victoria Fenner | An audio replay of a webinar from the Canadian Labour Congress exploring the effects of the COVID pandemic on women, and what a feminist recovery could look like.
Child and computer. Photo: Nevit Dilmen/Wikimedia Commons
Martha Friendly | This blog outlines the major faults with an online early childhood education program targeting low-income families and illustrates how it is solely about saving money, neglecting the care of children.
Kate McInturff | It's that exciting time of year when economists start making submissions to the federal Finance Committee about what they'd like to see in Budget 2018. What would a feminist budget look like?
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Martha Friendly | Changing the status quo in child care means affordable fees, decent wages and quality non-profit services backed by sustained funding and thorough planning.
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Redeye Collective | Low welfare rates, minimal childcare support and skyrocketing rents mean B.C. has one of the highest poverty rates in Canada. The B.C. Poverty Reduction Coalition is organizing a week of action.
BC budget surplus
Redeye Collective | British Columbians are in desperate need of affordable housing, higher social assistance rates and public school funding. Instead the government is spending a budget windfall on paying down the debt.
Photo: flickr/Mikel Garcia Idiakez
Teuila Fuatai | EI's maternity benefits system favours mothers from higher-earning families. Teuila Fuatai speaks to Brock University researcher Lindsey McKay about why.
Lindsey McKay, Andrea Doucet, Sophie Mathieu | A more inclusive Parental Leave Program for all Canadian Parents: “Because it’s 2015” - and it’s almost 2016
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Susan Prentice | Child care is an issue this federal election. And it is clear that three out of the four federal parties recognize that Canada needs a national child-care program.
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Nora Loreto | Nora Loreto separates the fact from the fiction in the fight between the Liberals and the NDP on child care.
Olivia Chow
Christopher Majka | Does Olivia Chow bear responsibility for the demise of the national child-care plan of 2005? The Toronto Star's Rick Salutin seems to think so. Let's look at the history and the facts.