Christina Turner | Do you belong to a church? Then there are some very clear precedents for how to proceed if you want to implement call to action #59 in your life.
Redeye Collective | Pope Francis called for an end to the international arms trade during his recent visit to the States but he didn't tell Congress to stop supporting U.S. aggression around the world.
Matthew Behrens | While Canadian churches have a long and conflicted history, they now have a unique opportunity to provide sanctuary and thereby live out Martin Luther King's call for relevance and witness.
Hadani Ditmars | In light of the recent church bombing in Cairo and right-wing rioters burning down a mosque in Athens, I still say Canada is -- or could be with a few adjustments -- an example of interfaith harmony.
Tiffany Chong, Stark Raven Media Collective | A Christian group is making steps to build Canada's first faith-based prison unit in Manitoba.
rabbleTV | A Connecticut church posted a video on Youtube depicting ministers attempting to exorcise "homosexual demons" from the convulsing body of a 16-year-old.