Apr 12, 2016
Photo: Chris Ford/flickr

Nature calms the brain and heals the body

David Suzuki
Spending time in nature regularly is not a panacea for mental health but it’s an essential component of health and psychological resilience.

WTC Grand Tea Party Cafe

Jan 24, 2016
Heritage Hall
3102 Main Street
Vancouver , BC
49° 15' 26.0928" N, 123° 6' 3.1968" W
British Columbia CA
Come out to the Women Transforming Cities Grand Tea Party Café for a celebration and culmination of the previous cafés!
Sep 1, 2015
Image: Pixabay/kelseyannvere

Privatize public lands to reclaim the city from cars

Yves Engler
Counterintuitive as it is, especially to those of left-wing persuasion, generally the less public space in a neighbourhood, the more pleasant it is. And the less of a toll it puts on the planet.
Dec 2, 2014
Photo: David Widmann/flickr

Homegrown ingenuity brings nature to the city

David Suzuki
We must harness and amplify homegrown local creativity to enhance urban ecologies and make communities more livable and resilient. Smart urban innovations should be scaled up, shared and adapted.
Jun 26, 2014

Happy and green through degrowth

Degrowth is the new growth. Urban decay may offer a chance to create new environments that activate new forms of productive landscapes increasing health and well-being for city-dwellers.


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