civil liberties

Apr 8, 2016

Our obligation to Omar Khadr

Kathleen Copps
The Free Omar Khadr Committee has launched a letter-writing campaign that calls on the Canadian government to finally fully address our obligation to Omar Khadr.

Combatting Islamophobia in the Media

Apr 5, 2016 to Apr 6, 2016
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House
800 East Broadway
Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA
Come join us for a community forum on the mainstream media landscape and how it has the power to either reinforce or fight islamophobia in Canadian society.
Mar 5, 2016

Private company sells access to intelligence database

World Check says it provides intelligence profiles of risky individuals so banks and other groups can be sure they are not accidentally engaged in illegal acts. Monia Mazigh says it's a blacklist.


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