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Canadian Journalists for Free Expression | On November 30, 2017 the Supreme Court of Canada agreed to hear a landmark case for press freedom in Canada.
Justin Trudeau
Marie Aspiazu | The combination of multiple spying scandals involving Canadian journalists as well as powerful national opposition to Bill C-51 have sparked a national day of action on civil liberties.
Shenaz Kermalli | "The challenge of being a female journalist in the Middle East misses the point," says Safa Al Ahmad, adding that it is challenging regardless of gender.
Activist Toolkit
| Canadian Journalists for Free Expression have laucnhed a campaign for access to information reform.
Cindy Blackstock under surveillance
Dennis Gruending | Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE) reports how the Conservative government is muzzling scientists, undercutting Access to Information legislation and harassing whistleblowers.
Pikin News helps support free press in Sierra Leone
rabbleTV, Sachin Seth | CJFE hosts fundraiser to support kids of Pikin News, a youth-run national newspaper in Sierra Leone.