Dec 10, 2015
Mark Terry on the Paris Climate Summit - COP 21

Mark Terry on the Paris Climate Summit COP21

Listen in as producer Mark Terry talks about the Paris climate summit, adaptation versus mitigation, hopeless data and how we need to cultivate courage with regard to the crisis we find ourselves in.
Mar 25, 2014
Image: flickr/UNWomens

How can women stop war?

Joan Russow
Throughout many events at the 2014 UN Commission on the Status of women, there has been a greater emphasis on the urgency of having high level participation of women in preventing war and conflict.
Oct 15, 2009

Blog action day on climate change

Judy Rebick
Today is Blog Action Day on Climate Change. I'm not sure what effect thousands of blogs on climate change will have but I know we have to do something to stop the climate criminals in Canada.
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