Emma Pullman | While Canadians on this side of the border prepare for Saturday's Occupy Canada actions, it has just been revealed that a Canadian company is trying to shut down the birthplace of the movement.
No to Canada-Colombia FTA
Riaz Sayani-Mulji, Ryan Sparrow | We speak with Dr. George Sorger, professor emeritus at McMaster University, on the recently implemented Free Trade Agreement with Colombia.
rabbleTV | Water On The Table, a documentary about Canada's relationship to its freshwater, recently won Best Canadian Feature at the Planet in Focus Film Festival.
June Chua | A stunning documentary chronicles the efforts of American lawyers trying to take the soft drink giant to court over the killings of 10 union leaders in Columbia.
Kristen Hanson | The indigenous residents of Coajomulco, Mexico have no water in their homes. The government provides the water beneath them for use in other larger cities -- including a Coca-Cola bottling plant.