May 7, 2015
On the road again

Making collaborations work

Holly Adams
When are our collaborations at their best and how can we nourish them? What if we haven't met any of the other participants? What roles do/can the stakeholders fill?
Jan 11, 2014

Activist tools to reach your goals

Megan Stacey
This week's Activist Toolkit round-up focuses on tools that help you become more effective in your activism. With the arrival of the New Year, it's time to set some activist goals!

Khyber Comic Jam

Aug 6, 2012
Khyber Centre for the Arts
1588 Barrington Street
Halifax , NS
44° 38' 45.3336" N, 63° 34' 24.2796" W
Nova Scotia CA
Bring your pen for mingling and comic drawing.
May 4, 2012

Information is key to carbon education

Don Tapscott
Just because the Harper government refuses to show leadership on climate change doesn’t mean Canadians can’t contribute to initiatives to cut greenhouse gasses.


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