Image: Photo by Nik Gehl. Used with permission.
Scott Neigh | Lynn Gehl talks about the long battle by Indigenous women against sex discrimination in the Indian Act, her own decades in court and the current campaign to get Trudeau to finish the job.
Aboriginal family near Prince Albert, SK, 1919. Photo: Walter Cross/ Musée McCord Museum/Flickr
Pam Palmater | It is long past the time that Saskatchewan take real steps to stem the race-based violence and deaths of First Nations from whose lands and waters every single resident benefits.
Photo: JustLacrosse.com/Flickr
Yves Engler | The campaign to get the Iroquois Nationals to Israel is the latest example of Israel lobby groups' work to thwart those who associate the plight of First Nations and Palestinians.
Image: Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance
Tania Ehret | "Beyond 150 Years" film festivals asks: what exactly is Canada 150 celebrating and who is invited to the party?
Image: Facebook/Arthur Manuel
Arthur Manuel | The world lost a fierce Indigenous warrior, philosopher and writer this month when Art Manuel passed. Here he is at his best.
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Occupied by the Kingdom of Morocco since 1975, Western Sahara is commonly referred to as Africa's last colony. The Sahrawis are in a protracted struggle for independence.
The KAIROS Blanket Exercise
Alfredo Barahona | If you ask Latin American expats what they know about Canada's TRC and residential schools, most will answer "not much." To address this KAIROS translated its powerful Blanket Exercise into Spanish.
Congo's first democratically elected PM, Patrice Lumumba
Yves Engler | Canada played a significant role in ONUC and Congo PM Patrice Lumumba's assassination, which should be studied by progressives demanding Ottawa increase its participation in UN "peacekeeping."
Screenshot: We Can Do It (Dirty Money) music video
Tania Ehret | Amai Kuda, Kimalee Phillip, and Amy Desjarlais from Decolonize Now! discussed decolonizing social movements and the urgency of revolutionary change in education.
DAREarts | Attawapiskat youth are frustrated that nobody is speaking directly to them, so they have spoken out with song.
Photo: flickr/Howl Arts Collective
Sophia Reuss | Grassy Narrows continues to demand government action after a recent Toronto Star investigation revealed a former mill worker's confession to having dumped at least 50 barrels of mercury.
Book Review
Jesse McLaren | Sherene Razack exposes the colonial violence that inquests and inquiries ignore and creates a text that is essential to understanding colonialism's tactical variations and ongoing resistance.