Xeph Kalma | For an out transperson, the workplace is rife with landmines, traps and microaggressions. Even something as simple and human as using the restroom.
Book Review
Bruce Gillespie | What does 'family' mean to you? New anthology, 'A Family by Any Other Name,' focuses on the perspectives of queer relationships and families. Editor Bruce Gillespie interviews contributor Sara Graefe.
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Laura Brightwell | What are the shorthands we use for declaring our queerness and what pitfalls do they have?
Lois Lenz, Lesbian Secretary by Monica Nolan
Laura Brightwell | The pros and cons of coming out at work
Cathi Bond | One reader's extremely thoughtful response to the sexual politics presented in Night Town.
Judy Rebick and Cathi Bond | Judy Rebick and Cathi Bond have caught two great flicks by two niche filmmakers with two very different styles