Adam Sneyd on Cotton, Globalization and Clothing Poverty.
Face2Face | Adam talks about his book Cotton, its empire, commodities and politics, "clothing poverty" and anti-globalization and why we need to be concerned about how the world works.
Photo: Mark Ferguson/University of Saskatchewan/flickr
Erin Weir | Following last week's troubling news about potash, the Saskatchewan government released its first-quarter financial report yesterday.
Jim Stanford | The most interesting comments from Mark Carney last week, in releasing the Bank's semi-annual Monetary Policy Report, dealt with the relationship between the price of oil and the Canadian currency.
Mordecai Briemberg | Marx started his most famous book Capital with a discussion of commodities, their exchange, their value and the mysteries of money.
Ellen Russell | The U.S. Fed's latest bubble looks set to grow in stocks and commodities. Commodities? You mean the natural resources that Canada's economy is so famous for? Yep. Here are some thoughts on a way out.
Jim Stanford | It's a financial mood swing, not economic reality, that explains the loonie's rocketing ascent. To rein in the loonie, we must rein in the oil export juggernaut squeezing out all other exports.