Book Review
Jul 20, 2012
The Virtual Self

Nora Young and The Virtual Self

Cathi Bond
Are you alive or simply a stream of data? According to Nora Young, author and host of CBC Radio's trends and tech show Spark, we could already be well on our way to becoming a strange hybrid of both.
Jan 27, 2012
Raspberry Pi

This Raspberry Pi sure tastes good!

Bob Chandler
Can a $25 computer teach kids to write computer software instead of just learning how to use Microsoft Office? That's what the Raspberry Pi Foundation is hoping.
Jan 24, 2012

Dangers of cyber attack greatly exaggerated

Some commentators in the United States would have us believe that the possibility of cyber attack is imminent. Conn Hallinan believes that there is another agenda behind this fear mongering.

That's Women's Work Art Network Photoshop workshop

Nov 17, 2011
Wise Daughters Craft Market
3079 Dundas St West In the Junction
ON M6P 1Z7 Toronto , ON
43° 39' 55.4724" N, 79° 28' 20.0568" W
Ontario CA
That's Women's Work Arts Network holds a low cost workshop on how to use Photoshop for everyone over the age of 13 years old.
Jan 22, 2011

Apple is out to screw you

Bob Chandler
Apple is blocking your ability to open the case on your iDevice ... with new screws!


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