Oct 21, 2009

Trick or treat for climate change

Halloween is around the corner, and children will soon be chanting "trick or treat," their demand for candy backed up by the threat of a prank. Climate-change activists are doing the same.
Oct 15, 2009

Canada still a rogue state in global climate negotiations

Diana Bronson
From September 28 to October 9, thousands of government negotiators and citizens groups went to Bangkok for the penultimate international meeting before the Copenhagen climate summit in December.
Oct 8, 2009

Mobilizing climate action around Copenhagen

An impressive global grassroots mobilization, possibly unparalleled in creativity and diversity, is rising up, aiming for maximum citizen pressure on the final Copenhagen climate change negotiations.
Oct 8, 2009

Climate politics on the way to Copenhagen

We're in the run-up to the December UN climate summit in Copenhagen that will determine how the planet will weather the future, so don't expect things to settle down before the year ends.
Oct 7, 2009

Obama should go back to Copenhagen

When Obama visited Copenhagen to support Chicago's Olympic bid, he showed the world that he is willing to schlep to Scandinavia for an event he considers important. Will he do it again on December 7?
Sep 29, 2009

Somebody wake-up Harper

rabble staff
With Stephen Harper asleep at the switch heading into the Copenhagen Summit in December, activists in Canada joined thousands around the world in a "wake-up call" on climate change.
Sep 25, 2009

Weekly Mulch: Climate week gets lukewarm response

by Raquel Brown
Media Consortium Blogger
Seventy days before the international climate summit in Copenhagen, hundreds of government officials and business leaders met in New York City on Monday to kick off Climate Week.


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