Dec 16, 2009

Climate change and the limits of growth

Climate change is merely a symptom of a much bigger and more serious problem. The real problem is that human society has grossly over-reached its ability to sustain itself on the planet.
Dec 17, 2009

Activists reclaim power in the Bella Center

rabble staff
Civil society organizations and delegates from countries from COP 15 "reclaim power" inside the Bella Center. (Photo:
Dec 16, 2009

Walking the walk in Copenhagen

Alice Klein
It has been a banner day in Copenhagen, so to speak. Civil society has not failed these talks. But the talks themselves are in a sorry state with so little time ahead and so much unresolved.
Dec 16, 2009

The Mulch: Peaceful protests turn violent in Copenhagen

Alison Hamm
The Climate Change Conference (Cop15) turned ugly today when police officers beat back hundreds of demonstrators, including a group of 50 to 100 delegates that were trying to meet with protesters.


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