Benjamin Gilmour and Sam Smith
Face2Face | Director Benjamin Gilmour and actor Sam Smith talk to David Peck about stereotypes, humanizing others, the absurdity of war, forgiveness, ethical codes, moral courage and suffering silence.
Courage: Bringing social movements intro party politics
Scott Neigh | Scott Neigh talks to Samantha from "Courage," an organization to bring social movement priorities into electoral politics and pull the NDP to the left.
Julia Maksymetz, Niall Clapham-Ricardo | It takes a courageous movement to build an unapologetic left-wing alternative for all the communities within Canada.
Image: Flickr/Eryne!
Lizanne Foster | Essentially, my students want to know why it's so hard for people to get along with other people.
Dr. Brady Polka on Courage, Love, Others and the Power of Choice
Face2Face | In this fun and engaging chat Brady speaks about love, thoughtful speech as action, why he doesn't believe in the good old days and why we have to be the authors of ourselves.
Lynne Bernfield
Lynn Thompson | Lynne Bernfield is the author of this book about discerning reasons that keep us from making changes we'd like to make. She is a multi-talented woman who is the founder of 'Psychotherapy on the Go'.