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Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | CUPE is trying to get a member released from a Turkish jail. Teachers want climate change built into school curricula. And more.
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Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | A little H&S committee named April 28 as the International Day of Mourning which is now recognized around the world. Plus Biden's plan to unionize thousands.
 Image: CUPE Ontario. Used by permission.
Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | RadioLabour's Canada Report: 500 Ontario schools hit by virus while government withholds money. Union organizing during a pandemic.
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Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | RadioLabour's Canada Report: CUPE president Mark Hancock tells his 700,000 members that Black lives matter, and white privilege must be acknowledged and confronted.
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Marc Belanger, Derek Blackadder | RadioLabour's Canada Report: How unions are supporting health-care workers in Ontario and B.C.
Image: Used with permission of Ontario Parent Action Network
Scott Neigh | Rachel Huot talks about the emergence of a network of parents committed to fighting the cuts to public education in Ontario.
Protesting against the Ford Conservatives' planned cuts to education. Image: Mary Crandall/Flickr
Zaid Noorsumar | CUPE represents approximately 55,000 support staff in the province including special needs assistants, early childhood educators and custodians.
Michael Hurley. Image: CUPE. Used with permission.
Maya Bhullar | Michael Hurley, president of the Ontario Council of Hospital Unions, explains how Ford government cuts threaten Ontario's beleaguered health-care system.
The Mearns Centre at the University of Victoria. Image: Page DeWolfe/Flickr
Zaid Noorsumar | Job security is the main goal for the 450 sessional lecturers and music instructors currently in negotiations with the university.
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| How do we invest in public infrastructure with accountability?
Meagan Gillmore | The divisions that strikes create between employees and management can take a long time to heal, and in some cases never do.
Image: Mathieu Côté/Wikimedia Commons
Meagan Gillmore | In a paper released by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Lynne Fernandez and Jim Silver describe the history of Indigenous people in labour.