Hungarian Roma family in Toronto. Photo: Karl Nerenberg
Karl Nerenberg | Can Roma from "liberal, democratic, EU countries" really be refugees, fleeing persecution? I am no expert on refugee law, but if I were a Roma person living in Central Europe I would not feel safe.
Screen shot from the film Never Come Back. Photo: Malcolm Hamilton
Karl Nerenberg | The "making-of" story by Karl Nerenberg, producer and co-director (with Malcolm Hamilton) of the film "Never Come Back" about the Roma people.
MaryCarl Guaio | Discussion surrounding the recent re-imposition of visa requirements on people of Mexican and Czech-Roma descent, which blocks their entrance into Canada.
John Bonnar | "We are outraged at the comments of Minister Kenney, blaming the victims of persecution for the backlog of refugee claims in Canada," said Bill Bila, Vice President Roma Community Centre.