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Thomas Ponniah | Our age's disruptive technological innovations have brought a rise in the importance of the ownership of information. How do we resist the development of an information-oriented hierarchy?
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Marianela Ramos Capelo, Digital Freedom Update | From Facebook to Big Telecom to NAFTA, OpenMedia takes stock of what the previous year brought us in digital rights -- both accomplishments and challenges -- and what might come in 2019.
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Penney Kome | Six months after its proclamation, how is the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) holding up in its intent to reclaim personal privacy as a human right?
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Rick Salutin | I tend to see the horrors of manipulation as less striking than the signs of human ability to act independently anyway. How else do you explain unexpected events like Bernie Sanders' surge?
Victoria Henry | A concerning rise in phone searches this year shows that Canadian and U.S. law see no difference between searching your suitcase and searching your cell phone or laptop.
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Abigail Curlew | How have the world's social media platforms not only convinced us into giving away virtually every bit of information about us, but made us happy to do it?
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Nora Loreto | Progressives need to be careful to not confuse using data as a tool and gathering data as the sole purpose of a political campaign
Armine Yalnizyan | The Harper government's strategy is leaving us more and more in the dark about ourselves, by reducing the amounts of official information we have and weakening its reliability.
Redeye Collective | A private member's bill to bring back the long-form census has reinvigorated discussion about the importance of statistics for effective government.
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David Macdonald | How can we have an accurate picture of what's happening in Canada when we're actively and deliberately excluding some of the poorest parts of our country from our basic statistics?
Wayne MacPhail | In the midst of a Big Data sea, tools that allow the visual display of quantitative information will be an asset to anyone who wants to crowdsource the discovery of the narratives in the numbers.
Activist Toolkit
| Ten programs you can use to create and design different types of infographics