Ariel Troster | When Ariel Troster critiqued the choice of Laureen Harper as the ambassador for the Day of Pink, she received a flurry of responses including 'Isn't Laureen more than her husband's politics?'
Ariel Troster | When Laureen Harper showed up as a spokesperson for anti-bullying Day of Pink, Ariel Troster couldn't help but call out the hypocrisy. On Day of Pink, here are her words, with tweets.
Constructing Change
Steffanie Pinch | Jer's Vision honoured youth role models and inspired youth activists to speak out against queerphobia
Steffanie Pinch | In this week's Activist Toolkit roundup: Creative protest ideas, recruiting future activists, learning to trust after #robocalls and more!
Activist Toolkit
| How resistance against bullying in Nova Scotia became a global event