Oct 21, 2010

Not Rex: Free Hundert, bust Bubbles

By criminalizing activists like Alex Hundert and others as dangerous subversives, are law enforcers justifying the massive costs of brutality on Toronto's streets during the G20 Summit?
Jul 15, 2010
Photo: John MacLennan

The other side of the G20 protest

Diane Marina
Diane Marina witnessed police officers using intimidation tactics and excessive force during peaceful rallies the weekend of the G20 summit.
Jul 12, 2010

Peter's G20 story: 'My Canada was a free country'

Peter Marmorek
In this account of the G20 protests, Peter Marmorek notes: "As we marched past closed and boarded stores on Queen Street, the city felt less and less like the friendly place I've lived for 40 years."
Jul 8, 2010

Velcrow Ripper's 'Love versus the G20'

Behind the smoke screen of burning police cars and smashed windows, Velcrow Ripper tells the story of people coming together in the name of peace, justice and compassion.
Jan 13, 2010

#98 - Canadian demonstration against prorogation

rabble radio
Online activism and activism on the street. What is the difference? Regent Park is changing, and so are women's rights worldwide. Listen in to find out more.

Montreal rally: End the siege of Gaza!

Jan 16, 2010
Corner Peel and Rene-Levesque Metro Peel or Bonaventure
Montreal , QC
45° 29' 55.7232" N, 73° 34' 13.2852" W
Quebec CA
We must remember Gaza! At the beginning of 2010, Gaza’s inhabitants continue to be robbed of their fundamental human rights by Israel’s illegal siege, imposed since 2006.


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