Dawn at Lapa Rios on the south end of the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Photo: joiseyshowaa/Flickr
Ed Finn | The happiest countries in the world are not necessarily the richest, but those with truly democratic governments.
Activist Toolkit
| Volunteers improving conditions in a Greek refugee camp
Helle Thorning-Schmidt
David J. Climenhaga | PM to foreign tyrant: "Ms. Thorning-Schmidt, I guess I'll shake your hand, but you need to get out of Arctic now!"
Philip Breedlove
David J. Climenhaga | How else but profound ignorance bordering on a vegetative state can we explain the astonishment among the West's journalists at NATO's apparently shocking revelation last week? How else indeed!
Redeye Collective | Lawyers who work with people on the margins of society -- drug users, homeless people and sex workers -- are themselves marginalized within their own professions.
Redeye Collective | Pivot Legal hosted a forum to discuss the benefits of prescribing heroin to profoundly addicted users. The discussion featured Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Bruce Alexander, Dave Murray and Scott Bernstein.
Lindsay Beyerstein | On Tuesday, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) unveiled a draft budget resolution for 2012. Ryan's program would privatize Medicare and gut Medicaid.
Jane Williams | The European Roma Rights Cente in Budapest, Hungary says the deportation of 23 Roma from Copenhagen in July violates European law.