Picture taken from a Sûreté du Québec helicopter of Lac-Mégantic, the day of the train derailment in 2013. Image credit: Sûreté du Québec/Wikimedia Commons
Bruce Campbell | Under the current corporate-government relationship, regulations and legislation are systematically tilted to benefit the private interest at the expense of the public interest.
Aerial view of Lac-Mégantic derailment site. Photo: National Transportation Safety Board/Wikimedia Commons
Linda McQuaig | After Lac-Mégantic, we need proper regulation of railways -- and every other aspect of our economy that requires government oversight to protect us from corporations whose only interest is profit.
Helicopter of view of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec
Victoria Fenner | Author Bruce Campbell weaves a skillful narrative about how policy failure devastated lives in a tragic story of big oil, deregulation and free market ideology.
Sarah Hoffman
David J. Climenhaga | Now that the market for electricity has turned down, corporations are trying to use the secret golden parachute Ralph Klein gave them to bail out of unprofitable deals.
Image: Behind the Numbers
Bruce Campbell | Regulatory capture exists where regulation is routinely designed to benefit the private interest of the regulated industry at the expense of the public interest.
Photo: flickr/Wayne S. Grazio
Nora Loreto | In a Brave New World of unregulated capitalism, how long will it be before the first lives are taken by the sharing economy?
Photo: AJ Batac/flickr
Scott Price | Ride-sharing service Uber wants into the Winnipeg taxi market. But looking past the marketing facade, Uber isn't innovative or inevitable.
Photo: Jordi Bernabeu Farrús/flickr
Armine Yalnizyan | VW's house of lies about dirty emissions from "clean" diesel cars isn't a scandal as much as a syndrome, fallout from a belief that less government, more market will produce the best results.
Hugh Mackenzie | We need to take this episode as a wake-up call -- as a springboard for fundamentally rethinking the way corporations operate, re-balancing private versus public interests in our regulatory system.
Rick Salutin | Ferguson protesters trashed some buildings and blocked traffic. That's pitiable compared to lawlessness by police, governments and the finance sector.
Murray Dobbin | CETA's domestic regulation chapter is full of provisions so biased in favour of corporations, it would more aptly be called "Gifts for the Oil and Gas Industry."
Humberto DaSilva | The Transport Safety Board report on Lac-Mégantic says that letting the railroad write its own rules was a problem. So why is Transport Canada letting Canadian airlines do the same thing?