Dirty Tricks


Bill C-51 and You

Jun 10, 2015
Beit Zatoun
612 Markham St. (Bathurst subway)
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 11.6136" N, 79° 22' 59.4624" W
Ontario CA
By paving the road to legal “disruption”, sometimes devastating in effect, C-51 brings the full force of what spy agencies call “dirty tricks” to the doorstep of any Canadian.
Dec 3, 2012

Dear Ryan: A Mid-Winter's Tale

Linda Leon
December is upon us and our thoughts are already turning to Christmas. So instead of the usual letter, I am sending you a seasonal story for your enjoyment.
Mar 13, 2012

Dear Ryan: The crime of voter suppression

Linda Leon
The Conservative Party is, at the very least, guilty of creating a culture so contemptuous of democratic principles that the public now thinks it plausible that Conservatives committed this crime.
Feb 29, 2012

Ethics™: The newest political growth industry

Erika Shaker
Here I am, speaking to the party of opportunity and entrepreneurialism, and yet none of you has managed to capitalize on what is clearly a growth industry in Canadian politics.
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