Sep 7, 2014
The two Vladimirs: Lenin and Putin

Ukraine: The left turn right through the looking glass

Christopher Majka
Those who condemn imperialism must oppose it wherever it surfaces and by whomever it is prosecuted. To simply equate anti-imperialism with anti-Americanism is to become a tool of the forces we oppose.
Mar 15, 2014

Crisis in Ukraine: Disinformation and useful idiots

Christopher Majka
The Russian state has long engaged in disinformation, cynically employing "useful idiots" as propaganda mouthpieces. The Kremlin-backed RT broadcasts relentless falsehoods about Ukraine. Fight back.
May 12, 2011

Elections Canada response to disinfo and robo-calls

Paul D. Boin
Upon hearing reports of robo-calls disparaging candidates and misinforming voters of their polling locations, I formally submitted a complaint to Elections Canada. Yesterday, I received a response.
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