Mar 23, 2012

Compensation for Gulf oil spill

Earlier this month BP announced that a settlement had been proposed between the company and those affected by the oil spill. Antonia Juhasz says that BP jumped the gun to mollify investors.
Jan 17, 2011

Black goo in the Gulf of Mexico

I got off the research vessel WeatherBird II mid way through the cruise in Pensacola, Florida. Five days later, an e-mail arrived from chief scientist David Hollander, subject line: "Yuck!"
Jan 14, 2011

After the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

For the scientists aboard the research vessel WeatherBird II, the recasting of the BP Deepwater Horizon spill as a good-news story about a disaster averted has not been easy to watch.
Sep 18, 2010
Redeye radio

Auditor General says BC parks are at risk

In late August, a report by the BC Auditor General confirmed what environmentalists have been saying for years. It found the government is not protectecting the ecological integrity of BC's parks.
Jul 28, 2010

Sustainability means consume less

I was going over some of the press releases from the provincial government recently when I found one from last April titled "Awards Honour Commitment To Sustainable Mining."
Dec 16, 2009

Climate change and the limits of growth

Climate change is merely a symptom of a much bigger and more serious problem. The real problem is that human society has grossly over-reached its ability to sustain itself on the planet.
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