Egyptian Revolution

Sep 13, 2013

Egypt's coup: The cycle of vengeance is on

"I told you so!" These were the words of Ayman al-Zawahiri, first-in-command of al-Qaeda, to the Egyptian people after the July military coup by General al-Sisi that dashed "Arab Awakening" hopes.

Egypt – Post Muslim Brotherhood and the Army - What Future for Egypt?

Aug 22, 2013
Beit Zatoun
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Egypt is going through its worst economic recession since the Great Depression, with high unemployment particularly among youth, capital flight, corruption, lawlessness, and depreciating currency.
Jul 5, 2013
Photo: Zeinab Mohamed/flickr

Elections, coups and democracies

Rick Salutin
Democracy isn't a classic script that actors must memorize and never deviate from. It's more like improv, shifting and reconstituting.
Apr 24, 2012

Egypt in revolt

A photo slideshow of the recent clashes in Cairo, Egypt. All photos by Ali Mustafa.


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