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David Suzuki | Illnesses force idleness on people. So, too, the climate situation demands idleness from society. We must listen to the body in sickness; we must listen to the planet in crisis.
TMX moves ahead while the rest of the world electrifies. Image: Facebook
David J. Climenhaga | The world will likely still need some Alberta bitumen -- to repair the roads on which all those electric vehicles will go whizzing around.
Image: Appian Way and Bloomfish Productions. Used with permission.
Face2Face | It's not an either/or -- Fisher Stevens and Malcolm Venville talk about the film "And We Go Green," exploring how electric cars can preserve the sport of racing and also cut down emissions.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits the University of Ontario Institute of Technology’s Automotive Centre of Excellence in Oshawa, Ontario. Photo: Adam Scotti/PMO
Linda McQuaig | Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jumped on buying an aging, climate-destroying pipeline, but has shrugged and shown no interest in using taxpayer dollars to create a Canadian-owned automaker.
 Photo: Saskatechwan Proud/Facebook
David Suzuki | Any real comparison between oil sands and lithium batteries shows that oil sands products, from extracting and processing to transporting and burning, are by far the most destructive.
Car2Go Smart car charging in Amsterdam. Image: Wikimedia Commons/Ludovic Hirlimann
Penney Kome | Bans on gas-fueled cars loom as lawmakers try to meet climate pledges. Ready or not, e-cars are here now.
Daryn Caister | Privilege and power versus the struggles of, and racism against, Indigenous peoples the world over, and the future of EV vehicles in Canada.
Photo: nanotron/Flickr
Marc Lee | One of the speakers at a talk on dematerialization told "the parable of the Prius" to illustrate Jevon's paradox that efficiency gains do not necessarily reduce energy consumption.
Richard Girard | Zero emissions cars look to solve the problem of growing carbon emissions in a society that is obsessed with cars as a prime form of transport. In reality, it is more complex, though still desirable.
Sarah Laskow | During the State of the Union address earlier this week, U.S. President Barack Obama spoke at length about clean energy, with nary a mention of climate change.