elizabeth may

Dec 5, 2014
Image: Flickr/Ecstaticist

Harper's assault on our national parks

Elizabeth May
We need to be paying more attention to the Harper Conservatives' effort to undermine the integrity of our national park system.
Oct 23, 2014
Image: Flickr/Justin Swan

Parliament Hill shootings do not 'change everything'

Elizabeth May
After yesterday's unprovoked killing of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the War Memorial in Ottawa, we must ensure that this appalling act of violence is not used to justify a disproportionate response.
Oct 15, 2014

The Iraq speech I did not get to give

Elizabeth May
Elizabeth May thought that the debate on sending a military mission into Iraq would allow her to make a 10-minute speech. Due to the motion for closure, she never had that chance. Here is that speech.
Jan 6, 2014
Image: michaelchong.ca

Parliamentary reform is in the air

Geoff Stevens
After years of complaints about the Prime Minister's tight control over party and House, MPs from all parties are supporting Michael Chong's Bill to shift power back to the grassroots.


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