employment insurance

Sep 12, 2014

Is the EI cut a 'job credit'? Try 'job killer'

David Macdonald
Yesterday the federal government announced a "Small Business Job Credit." The idea is that small businesses will have a portion of what they paid in EI refunded to them, as a "job-creation strategy."
Jul 25, 2014

EI needs to increase access, not lower premiums

Angella MacEwen
The crisis in EI is forever falling on deaf ears. Even though only 37.5 per cent of unemployed workers are receiving EI, politicians feel that the problem with EI is not access, but high premiums.
Dec 9, 2013
Photo: International Monetary Fund/flickr

Flaherty's funny math with the EI surplus

Angella MacEwen
A new report from the PBO suggests that the Conservatives will balance the budget ahead of schedule. But, and it's a big but, if there were no EI surplus, there would be no balanced budget in 2016.


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